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About Us

Iconsnack is a fruit snack company, based in Bangkok, Thailand, founded in late 2016. The primary fruit brands name included with Banana Max and LaiThai, diversified into snack market.

At Iconsnack, we knew that with better resources we would create better fruit and fresh ingredients. Iconsnack, we all serve the finest fruit through nature to people around the world. We believe it’s tear that make world a better place of sharing goodness.


To be the most preferred healthy natural food company.

Aim at delivering the finest food to people around the world that enhance people’s life.


To make people everyday life better and pass the happiness forward.

To provide the nutritional value, hygiene, and food safety to consumers.

High quality selection
of raw material.

Produce finest food that deliver consumer satisfaction.

Provide excellent food
throughout the world.

Improving consumers life
and health.

Enhance people’s

Sharing to one another brings
happiness and joy.

Provide food safety and
food in hygiene condition.

All with focus at every step of process, and making peoples’ lives a little better.


Our Brands

Iconsanck is made of fruit snack brands, individual branding provides its best value, quality and benefits across the world.

Banana Max Chips

Banana Max Chips, premium healthy snack, are harvested and well selected hand-picking “Thai Hom Thong Banana” which is known as the best sources of protein, vitamins and calcium.

All-natural ingredients can deliver maximum benefits to you with freshly processing to preserve its nutritional qualities. Our product is thinly sliced and crispy to ensure the finest taste. So, you can surely enjoy our product every day.


LaiThai, premium fruit snack delivers the maximum benefits, which is fruit has been recognized as a rich source of vitamins and minerals. Ensure the freshness, new raw material selection with designed quality control system for every step of the process.

LaiThai, dedication to Quality and authenticity, are our key to consistent premium quality products.


With experience in manufacturing processed fruits and snacks, you can be assured in our capabilities to support wide range of product and production needs in large quantities.


Our Clients

By building not just business relationships but long-lasting partnerships
with our clients – we put customers at the center of their business
to provide the greatest value to their consumers.

News & Updates

Keep up-to-date with the Iconsnack’s latest news, events and campaigns.
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Contact Us

We would be happy to assist you with any question regarding place an order and be our partner.

    Call us: +66 82 359 4594

    Have a question for me? Interested in working together?
    Fill out the form with some information about your project
    and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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